Chapel West Video Sermons

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Date Title Presenter
2015-05-08 "Facing Giants" Elder Bob Wall Play
2015-05-01 "Now is the Time" Pastor Carmelo Mercado Play
2015-04-24 "Defeat at Ai" Elder Kiven Bonongwe Play
2015-04-17 "Jacob's Wrestling with God" Pastor Blaine Fults Play
2015-04-10 "For All the Amelias" Viki Zinyemba Play
2015-04-03 Easter Worship Service 2015 Chapel West Choir Play
2015-03-27 "Heirs of Salvation" Elder Robinson Monda Play
2015-03-20 "House of Mercy" Nelson Silva Play
2015-03-13 "Cast all Your Burdens on Calvary" Elder Matthew Mutungambera" Play
2015-03-06 "Salvation Ready to be Revealed" Pastor Blaine Fults" Play
2015-02-27 "How to Glow" Matt Hasty Play
2015-02-13 "The Wheat and the Tares" Elder Kiven Bonongwe Play
2015-02-14 20150214_kiven_bonongwe_wheat_tares.flv Play
2015-02-06 "Dying with Jesus, Living with Jesus" Pastor Blaine Fults Play
2015-01-30 "The Better Part" Dianne Dunbar Play
2015-01-23 "Stewards of God's Grace" Nelson Silva Play
2015-01-16 "The Test of Trusting" Elder Marvin Whitney Play
2015-01-09 "Only One Gospel" Elder Robinson Monda Play
2015-01-02 "Let Us Press on to Our God" Pastor Blaine Fults Play
2014-12-26 "Keep the End in Mind" Dane Nesbeth Play
2014-12-19 "Jesus is the Reason..." Pastor Blaine Fults Play
2014-12-12 "God is Love" Ray Stephenson Play
2014-12-19 20141213_choir_cantata_2014_first_noel.flv Play
2014-12-05 "The Word Became Flesh" Pastor Blaine Fults Play
2014-12-28 "Thankful Always" Betty Mzumara Play
2014-12-21 "Walking To Heaven" Elder Bob Wall Play
2014-12-14 "Free Will" Pastor Blaine Fults Play
2014-11-07 "Following Jesus" Nelson Silva Play
2014-10-31 "Love One Another" Pastor Blaine Fults Play
2014-10-24 "Converting Us Hearers into Doers" Elder Jerry Kleintank Play
2014-10-17 "One Body" (Part 2) Elder Eduard E. Schmidt Play
2014-10-17 "One Body" (Part 1) Elder Eduard E. Schmidt Play
2014-10-10 "Take Away the Veil" Elder Matthew Mutungambera Play
2014-10-03 "Yom Kippur: The Day of At-One-ment Pastor Blaine Fults Play
2014-09-27 "It is Written" Dane Nesbeth Play
2014-09-19 "Rooted and Grounded in God's Love" Pastor Blaine Fults Play
2014-09-12 "Living Water" Nelson Silva Play
2014-09-05 "Every Member a Minister" Pastor Blaine Fults Play
2014-08-29 "The Process of Knowing Him" (Part 2) Betty Mzumara Play
2014-08-29 "The Process of Knowing Him" (Part 1) Betty Mzumara Play
2014-08-22 "From Slavery to Freedom" Nelson Silva Play
2014-08-15 "Accepted in the Beloved (Part 2)" Pastor Blaine Fults Play
2014-08-15 "Accepted in the Beloved (part 1)" Pastor Blaine Fults Play
2014-08-08 "Transforming Grace" Elder Bob Wall Play
2014-08-01 "John 3:16 - Rescue" Pastor Todd Stout Play
2014-07-25 "A Time of Harvest" Elder Jerry Kleintank Play
2014-07-11 "The Just Shall Live by Faith" Elder Robinson Monda Play
2014-07-04 "I came to Worship the Lord" Elder Matthew Mutungambera Play
2014-07-04 "Signs of Hope" [Part 2] Elder Vialo Weis Play
2014-07-04 "Signs of Hope" [Part 1] Elder Vialo Weis Play
2014-05-30 "From Panic to Peace" Cathy Bolejack Play
2014-05-23 "Good News, Bad News" Elder Aquila Crawford Play
2014-05-16 "I am Limping but Blessed" Elder Matthew Mutungambera Play
2014-05-09 Trials of Motherhood Elder Kiven Bonongwe Play
2014-04-25 Homily Elder Jerry Kleintank Play
2014-03-28 "Reflections of God and Church" Pastor Steven Manoukian Play
2014-03-21 "Two Parts to Being a Christiam Michael Lynn Play
2014-03-14 "On Their Way to Freedom" Nelson Silva Play
2014-03-07 "Out on a Limb" Pastor Steven Manoukian Play
2014-02-28 "If it is You..." Bradley Bolejack Play
2014-02-07 "Flag Club Experience" Nelson Silva & the Flag Club Team Play
2014-01-25 "The Good Shepherd" Elder Matthew Mutungambera Play
2014-01-10 "People Like Hur" Elder Jerry Kleintank Play
2014-01-02 Homily Pastor Steven Manoukian Play
2013-12-27 "So, You Want to Change" Nelson Silva Play
2013-12-20 "The Perfect Gift" Pastor Steven Manoukian Play
2013-11-08 "Sharing the Loot" Elder Steve Poenitz Play
2013-10-25 "Enoch Walked with God" Elder Matthew Mutungambera Play
2013-09-20 The Priority of Parents Pastor Steven Manoukian Play
2013-09-13 "The Journey" Bradley Bolejack Play
2013-09-06 "Holy Day or Holiday?" Pastor Steven Manoukian Play
2013-08-30 "The Buck Stops with Me" Elder Matthew Mutungambera Play
2013-06-21 "Jesus and the Storm" Adiel Paulin Play
2013-04-12 Community Adoption Dr Nelson Silva Play
2013-08-02 Blessings in Disguise Play
2013-05-24 From the inside Out Bradley Bolejack Play
2013-01-24 All the Earth Praise Team Play
2012-12-14 How Many Lambs Chapel West Choir Play
2012-10-19 You are My All and All Youth Praise Team Play
2012-06-08 Bullah Land Play
2012-05-11 Capital City Children Jen Bolejack Play
2012-03-23 Praise & Worship: Mar 24, 2012 The Praise Team Play
2012-03-03 Praise & Worship - March 3, 2012 Chapel West Praise Team Play
2012-01-06 Praise & Worship: Jan 7, 2012 Chapel West Church Play
2012-12-16 Christmas Cantata 2011 (Extras) Eileen & Jen Bolejack Play
2012-12-16 Christmas Cantata 2011 Chapel West Choir Play
2011-11-04 Praise and Worship Chapel West Church Play
2011-10-14 The Baptism of Jay Hurt Chapel West Play
2011-05-27 Pray On Mavis Mtangi and Kids Play
2011-03-12 My Bible First My Bible First Play
2011-01-14 Praise Time Chapel West Play
2010-08-06 Praise & Worship Helda Pounds Play
2010-07-30 I have Decided The Mzumara Family Play
2010-07-23 Jesus Is Coming Again Gabby Stark Play
2010-06-11 More than Enough Jen Bolejack Play
2010-05-28 Pathfinder Investiture 2010 Charlene Salmon Play
2010-04-23 Why Jesus? Nelson Silva Play
2010-04-16 We Fall Down/My Jesus I Love Thee Praise & Worship Team Play
2010-04-02 Unity Sabbath Music-A-Thon pt.2 Chapel West & Brownsburg Play
2010-04-02 Unity Sabbath Music-A-Thon pt.1 Chapel West & Brownsburg Play
2010-03-26 Lord Let Your Light Shine on Us Eugene, Krystal & Jason Play
2010-03-26 Worship and Praise (Pass it On) Daisy Blythe Play
2010-02-19 Youth Rally 2010 Indiana Conference Youth Play
2010-01-29 Mercy Said No Hlengiwe Ndiweni Play
2010-01-22 Knowing You Noni Smith Play
2009-12-25 Mary Did You Know? Phil & Charlene Salmon Play
2009-11-20 Ava Golis's Dedication Pastor Steven Manoukian Play